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[IMG]Ba Performing Arts students in WAAPA's new Spiegeltent.jpeg30-Aug-2016 11:02 694K
[IMG]Clasical Vocal students in Albert Herring.jpg11-Oct-2016 12:09 4.1M
[IMG]Contemporary Music students perform at Radio Active.jpg03-Oct-2016 10:13 9.6M
[IMG]Contemporary vocal student at Radio Active concert.jpg08-Sep-2016 10:11 3.4M
[IMG]Defying Gravity Percussion Ensemble at Perth Concert Hall.jpg07-Sep-2016 14:00 5.0M
[IMG]Front of House Sound opertaion by WAAPA Sound student.jpg29-Nov-2016 16:50 4.4M
[IMG]Indian_Ocean_Ensemble at perth Concert Hall.jpg09-Sep-2016 10:54 8.7M
[IMG]Lighting students plotting for Albert Herring.jpg07-Oct-2016 15:47 13M
[IMG]Massed Saxophone Concert in Music Auditorium.jpg06-Sep-2016 01:05 31M
[IMG]Massed saxophone concert 2.jpg06-Sep-2016 01:06 15M
[IMG]Music Artists perform at The Rosemount for Starstruck.jpg25-Nov-2016 04:58 580K
[IMG]Music Theatre students perform Bring It On The Musical at The Regal.jpg08-Jun-2016 15:49 12M
[IMG]Production & Design students work backstage in the Geoff Gibbs Theatre.jpg09-May-2016 15:13 18M
[IMG]Props and Scenery Workshop.jpg03-Oct-2016 11:44 4.4M
[IMG]Scenic Painter Jerome Davenport in front of The Edith WAAPA's new Spiegeltent.jpg13-Dec-2016 10:41 5.5M
[IMG]Second Year Music Theatre students in RENT.jpg11-Oct-2016 12:56 3.8M
[IMG]Sound student mixing Music students at the Perth Concert Hall .jpg29-Nov-2016 16:52 3.8M
[IMG]Third Music Theatre students in The Beautiful Game.jpg22-Aug-2016 09:09 4.2M
[IMG]Third Year Acting students in A View From The Bridge.jpg29-Jun-2016 15:38 14M
[IMG]Third Year Acting students perform Les Liaisons Dangeureses.jpg29-Jun-2016 15:40 11M
[IMG]Third Year Music Theatre students in Australian premiere of Ben Elton and Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Beautiful Game.jpg03-Oct-2016 10:14 7.6M
[IMG]Third year Acting students perform Coriolanus.jpg18-Mar-2016 13:57 9.7M

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